Uprooted Tree Stump Removal

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We Are Experts In Uprooted Tree Stump Removal

Uprooted tree stumps usually are a result of storm damage. Uprooted tree stumps can be a little overwhelming. Many times the stump will take the existing landscaping with it and turn the area into a dangerous hazard. We’ve seen parts of streets, driveways, utilities, and more torn right out of the ground. We are prepared to take on your uprooted tree removal projects with a moments notice.

How Are Uprooted Tree Stumps Removed?

The first thing that we do is eliminate the hazard. Secondly, we determine the best way to uproot the remainder of the stump. Usually half the stump is uprooted while the other half is partially or fully secured to the ground. Stump grinding machines, bobcats, excavators, or manual labor and tools are the options. Once the stump is detached we can put it back in place, or remove it offsite. If the stump is put back in place it can be grinded down below grade. If the stump is going to be removed offsite it will loaded into a dump or a flat bed truck and transported to a disposal area. Finally we will bring in new material to fill the hole and leave a rough finished grade.

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