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Sometimes grinding the stump below grade is not enough to satisfy the project requirements. In these cases Stump removal will be needed. Stump removal services consist of extracting the entire tree stump from the landscape. This is typically a slower and more costly process. When complete stump removal is not required we recommend stump grinding.

Stump removal is completed in a number of ways. The size of the tree stump, the location of the stump, and the accessibility options factor into which type of equipment is used to complete the job. For smaller stumps we can use a stump grinding machine and remove 100% of the stump and roots. For medium and large size stumps an excavator is used.

Things To Consider Before Proceeding With Stump Removal

First stump removal is typically more expensive. In many cases significantly more expensive than stump grinding. Secondly, once the tree stump is extracted from the landscape it needs to be transported to a disposal site. Thirdly, after the tree stump is extracted there will be a large hole in the landscape. Additional material will need to be brought onsite to fill. And last, stump removal equipment is more intrusive to the landscape. Excavators are on tracks and in many cases will damage the landscape and require repairs.

What If Larger Equipment Is Not An Option?

Many times the environment that the tree stump is located within will not accomodate larger equipment. In these cases the process is completed with manual labor and hand tools. We often encounter these situations in urban areas, and in areas where a stump is located right next to a house, street, utilities, or heavily sloped terrain. Tree stumps grow horizontilly just as they grow vertically. If there is a street or house near by we cannot simply rip the stump out of the ground. If the roots are under the street, or embedded in the house foundation this would cause significant damage.

Best Way To Start Your Tree Stump Removal Project

Give us a call and setup a free onsite inspection. While we are onsite we will assess all the challenges of the extraction process and recommend the best method to complete the job. For a preliminary quote to get a better idea of what would be involved take some pictures and email them to us. Be sure to include a picture of the stump and the surroundings so we can see our accessibility options. Regardless of the size of the stump or the amount of stumps we have the appropriate equipment to get the project completed quickly and cost effectively.

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