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We Are Experts In Stump Grinding, It’s All We Do

Stump Pros stump grinding services are available for residential, commerical, and municipal customers. Whether you have one stump or one hundred stumps we have the appropriate equipment to complete the job.

Our service area includes most of Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, Northern Rhode Island, and even further for larger projects. We operate year-round 6-7 days per week depending on the season. Stump Pros is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service. We make the process simple.

The Stump Pros Stump Grinding Experience

After evaluating your project needs we will determine what is the best piece of equipment to complete the job. We have self propelled machines with tires that will not ruin your grass. The machines vary in size to accomodate different environments.

Stump grinders are narrow enough to maneuver in tight spaces and will fit through gates and alleys. In the most challenging environments where access is extremely limited we have handheld equipment that can easily be brought through the inside of a home or building.

The machines are very precise and we can grind the stump to a depth of 6 inches to nearly 24 inches below grade. When we know your intentions for the landscape we can recommend an appropriate stump grinding depth.

The stump grinder will turn the tree stump into mulch. This material can be put back into the hole, removed offsite and disposed of, or used around the property. The amount of mulch will vary depending on the stump size and the tree type.

Our Costs Are Less, So Your Costs Are Less

As tree stump specialists we come equiped with top of the line equipment. This enables us to get the job done quickly and safely. A large coverage area combined with the demand for our services means our equipment is always working. Yes we spend more on fuel for our vehicles than the local landscape contractor or tree service. However the local contractor is not using their machines everyday and someone has to pay for all that downtime.

Stump Pros stump grinding pricing is determined by the width of the stump. Stump grinding pricing is transparent and consistent. Our affordable and competitive rates are located on our website. View Our Pricing

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