How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost?

Stump Grinding Costs

The cost for stump grinding will be determined by the amount of stumps, the size of the stumps, and what will happen with the debris after it is grinded.  When asking the question how much does stump grinding cost the easiest way to generalize the cost is by referring to the chart below. These are the 4 most common ways to determine stump grinding costs.

Per Inch
Per Stump
Per Hour
Per Day

Stump Grinding Costs By The Inch

Charging for stump grinding by the inch is the most common method. The average stump grinding cost per inch is about $4 per inch. This price includes grinding the stump up to 10 inches below grade and cleaning up the area leaving a neat pile of stump grindings.  The stump grindings can be removed and replaced with loam or other materials for an additional fee. Stump grinding pricing by the inch is usually the most cost effective pricing method because you only pay for exactly what is grinded.  If there are no accessibility challenges such as stairs, stone walls, steep slopes, etc.. then stump grinding costs can typically be determined very easily over the phone or with a quick site visit.  You can measure the stump yourself using the diagram below to determine the cost. You can also contact us for a free onsite or over the phone estimate.Stump Grinding Measurement Diagram

Stump Grinding Costs By The Stump

The cost for stump grinding by the stump is typically done by setting a per inch range per stump. For example all stumps between 10 inches and 16 inches will cost $60. This method of stump grinding pricing is more common with municipal work.  The pricing amount per tier is dependent upon the scope of work. The factors to be considered are height of stump above grade, width of stump, depth below grade to be grinded, and cleanup or debris removal.  This is a good way to set stump grinding costs when there are either a lot of stumps that cannot be viewed beforehand or if stumps need to be grinded on demand very quickly.

Stump Grinding Costs By The Hour

The cost for stump grinding by the hour is $100-$300. The range will vary based on the equipment being used and the amount of hours that are guaranteed or needed. Some large jobs or very difficult jobs are best priced by the hour when it is difficult to determine exactly what is required to complete the job. For example some types uprooted tree stumps, stumps that are very difficult to access, or when working as a subcontractor for other tree, stump, or forestry companies. We are happy to price a job anyway the customer wants and also bid on stump grinding jobs with various pricing specifications.

Stump Grinding Costs By The Day

The cost for stump grinding by the day is $800-$2500+. The exact rate will be determined by the type of equipment being used and the amount of days we are being hired for. Generally we only offer a daily rate when we are being hired for multiple days or working as a subcontractor. The reason for this is our other stump grinding rates usually end up being more cost effective.

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