5 Reasons Why Tree Contractors Are Subcontracting Their Stump Grinding To Stump Pros

Benefits of partnering with Stump Pros

For many tree contractors stump grinding is the final step to closing out a project with a customer. Tree contractors tell us that it typically takes them 2-3 weeks to return to grind the stumps and complete the job. Many times this results in the customer holding back a portion of the balance owed.  We also receive many calls from customers requesting stump grinding services because their tree contractor was supposed to do it but never returned. This is where Stump Pros can help.

You’ve already removed the tree and completed the job. Your customer is happy with the job. Why take the chance of hurting your reputation with a customer or losing future business because of some stumps? After polling 25 local tree companies and asking them the challenges they face on a daily basis stump grinding was a common issue. The reasons were too many back logged stumps and not enough trucks to get stump grinding equipment onsite the same day the trees were removed.  We’ve all heard it before. The key to being a successful contractor is to get in, get out, and get paid. If you do these three things with a high level of  workmanship you will most likely build a very good business.

This is what Stump Pros can offer your business

  1. Dedicated fleet of stump grinding and stump removal equipment that is professionally maintained and professionally operated.
    • We have the right equipment for your job site and can meet the demands of most the discerning clientele.
    • Our staff is as professional as it gets. We show up in uniform, with great attitudes, and get the job done.
    • The range of our equipment capabilities can assist new businesses as well as industry leading generational companies.
  2. We show up on time at your convenience every single time.
    • Schedule service as early possible but next day service is always available for established customers.
    • Call, text, or email your service request and you will be scheduled instantly or within 30 minutes.
    • On demand scheduling is available so we show up and complete the job while your crews are still onsite if preferred.
  3. Standardized pricing so you know exactly what our services cost.
    • Tree contractors receive discounted per inch pricing that does not change job to job.
    • You can bid with confidence because you know exactly what we will charge you for each job.
    • After factoring in vehicles, equipment, and labor you will make more money off your stump grinding subcontracting it to Stump Pros
  4. Greater capabilities and options for your customers.
    • We offer stump grinding, stump removal, root tracing, debris removal, and finish work.
    • Capable of handling any size stump, any degree of access limitations, any amount of stumps.
    • Residential, commercial, municipal, and forestry operation experience.
  5. Bid more jobs, win more jobs, and grow your company with Stump Pros.
    • You will not lose jobs because you do not offer stump grinding services.
    • Stump grinding costs will be less because your vehicles, equipment, and labor will not be tied up.
    • Receive more referrals because your entire job is completed at the same time.

Here’s Our Only Sales Pitch

Stump Pros is a niche specialty contractor. We are experts in our trade. Each time you schedule service with us we will provide you and your customers with the highest level of service. The equipment that we use is newer models, always maintained, and professionally operated. Our vehicles are stocked with parts in the rare event of a breakdown. We value every single one of our customers business. Regardless of whether  you call us daily, weekly or just when your too busy you can always rely on Stump Pros for your stump grinding and stump removal needs.

Call us today to discuss how we assist your business.

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